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Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Cutting edge vertical AI solutions for a business radical transformation

IoT and Firmware Integration to Cloud

IOT Leverage Smart Objects, Sensors and Gateway (using framework like RDK-B) within high performance environments, up to firmware customization - to drive a new digital experience through deep integration of cloud applications (i.e. WebPA)

Digital Design

Digital Design

UX/UI design for web, mobile and advanced interactive products

Mobile and Web App

To Craft state-of-the-art Mobile and Web Applications

Back End Architecture

Robust Architectures for high scalable systems



Cybersecurity strategies and solutions to protect your organization from cyber attacks/threats


XCAL is a company created to leverage a unique working model drawing top ICT talents from specific areas in Italy while maintaining US-grade quality of development and structured delivery processes.

A great ICT education joint with structured US-driven processes drives consistently high development quality at affordable cost.

Connection with universities and research echosystem allows for “first choice” talent as it graduates form undergrad and grad schools with SW dev skills (Engineering/Computer science/Mathematics).

The XCAL flexible capability to form teams according to customer needs, allow:

  • Integrate in US based operation processes and development/tracking/integration workstreams
  • Act as teams within teams
  • Can handle problem areas, not just tasks
  • Team leaders can be senior professionals with industry expertise and experience
  • Build teams with a near Zero % attrition rate


A main USA Telco/Media operator has successfully been using the model for about +7 years driving development for core products.

The R&D Product Group,  practice within the USA telco/media operator, chartered with the rapid development and engineering of forward looking products to extend the company portfolio covering several millions clients.

XCAL has been part of the R&D Product Group, operating in Italy to increase the capabilities in developing and delivering innovative products that will transform the future customer experience.

As part of this practice, XCAL, the Italian augmentation team composed by best in class telecommunication and computer science engineers working on advanced technologies and methodologies along with User Experience Professionals and Designers.

XCAL INC, the US-based entity provides both technical and commercial accounting with operations in San Francisco. 

XCAL Italy, has operational offices in Cosenza, Pisa, Milan.

XCAL is continuously expanding in new USA clients and by seeking brilliant and passionate candidates to increase the team to drive the development for the next generation of customer facing products and services using sensor fusion concept. It’s an exciting time to work with us and to join us.



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